Activation FAQ

How many times can I activate my dictionaries?

If you are using the application according to the terms of the Licence Agreement, you can reinstall the application (for instance, when you upgrade your operating system or PC configuration) and activate your dictionaries an unlimited number of times.

On how many workstations can I install ABBYY Lingvo x3?

If the application has been purchased for personal use, it can be installed on two workstations. In this case the application can be run on a single workstation at any one time, not on two workstations simultaneously.

If the application is installed in a corporate network, it can be used only within a single LAN. The application can be run only on a single workstation at any one time (unless stated otherwise in a separate licence agreement with ABBYY).

For more details see the Licence Agreement. ABBYY Lingvo beaveractivationdown Activation FAQ

Activation FAQ