Adding a dictionary

If you already have an ldp, lsd or lud dictionary file

To add a dictionary to ABBYY Lingvo, double-click the dictionary file.

Advice. You can also add a dictionary by clicking Tools→Add Dictionary from File…. You will have to specify the path to the dictionary file.

Note. When you add a system dictionary, its file (.ldp) will be unpacked and installed.
When you add a user dictionary, the dictionary file remains in its original location and gets added to ABBYY Lingvo.

When you have opened the necessary dictionary entry

When translating, you can view an entry from a new online dictionary that is not among your dictionaries.
To add this dictionary to ABBYY Lingvo, click the link at the bottom of this dictionary entry:
ABBYY Lingvo dictadd click link Adding a dictionary

A complete catalog of dictionaries on the site

To find and add a new dictionary, use the complete catalog of dictionaries:

Advice. You can open the catalog of dictionaries from the menu Tools→Full Dictionary Catalogue.

On what shelves will the dictionary appear after being added?

The dictionary will appear on the “All dictionaries” shelf for the relevant translation direction. If you have chosen a different shelf for your dictionary, it will appear on that shelf in addition to the All dictionaries shelf.
More: dictionary shelves

After a monolingual dictionary is added, it will appear on the shelves of those directions, the source language of which matches the dictionary language.
For example, CollinsCobuild (En-En) dictionary will appear on the shelves of En-En, En-Ru translation directions…

ABBYY Lingvo lamp Adding a dictionaryAnother way to add a dictionary: drag and drop your dictionary file onto a bookshelf.

ABBYY Lingvo beaverdictdown Adding a dictionary

Adding a dictionary