Briefly on using dictionaries

Local and online dictionaries

Unlike a local dictionary, an online dictionary is available only when there is an active Internet connection.
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System and user dictionaries

System dictionaries are dictionaries supplied by ABBYY.

User dictionaries are dictionaries created by you or other ABBYY Lingvo users.
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Only the dictionaries shown on the bookshelf are used in translation:
ABBYY Lingvo dicttypes shelf Briefly on using dictionaries
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Removing a dictionary from the bookshelf, placing a dictionary on the bookshelf, enabling or disabling a dictionary, choosing a different bookshelf for work

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How you can change the sequence of dictionaries and why

Enabled and disabled dictionaries on the bookshelf

You can disable any dictionary on the bookshelf by clicking its icon. A disabled dictionary does not deliver translation or search results even though it is shown on the bookshelf (its icon is “not depressed”).
ABBYY Lingvo dicttypes shelf disabled dictionary Briefly on using dictionaries
To enable a dictionary, click its icon again. ABBYY Lingvo beaverdictdown Briefly on using dictionaries

Briefly on using dictionaries