Downloading a dictionary

When you have an Internet connection an online dictionary can be downloaded, and it will become local.

First option.

  1. Click Tools→Language and Dictionary Settings…→My dictionaries.
  2. Choose the required translation direction at the top of the window.
  3. Find the necessary online dictionary in the list and click the link online (download) opposite the dictionary title.
    ABBYY Lingvo dictdownload click link Downloading a dictionary
    Advice. To download all online dictionaries at once, click the button Download All….

Second option.

  1. In the entry of an online dictionary right-click the dictionary name.
    ABBYY Lingvo dictdownload click name Downloading a dictionary
  2. Choose Download Dictionary… in the dropdown menu.
    ABBYY Lingvo dictdownload select command Downloading a dictionary
ABBYY Lingvo beaverdictdown Downloading a dictionary

Downloading a dictionary