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What is LingvoGrammar?

LingvoGrammar (En-Ru) is a reference book containing the basics of English grammar.
The LingvoGrammar (En-Ru) icon on the bookshelf is ABBYY Lingvo lingvogrammaricon LingvoGrammar.

Why is the LingvoGrammar necessary?

LingvoGrammar (En-Ru) provides information on:

  • English syntax and morphology
  • English punctuation
  • the differences between British and American English.

Using LingvoGrammar

Type the word Grammar in the search field and click Enter. A list of dictionary sections will appear.
ABBYY Lingvo lingvogrammarcontents LingvoGrammar

Click a section to open it.

Advice. To view an alphabetic list of all entries in LingvoGrammar, disable all the dictionaries on the bookshelf except LingvoGrammar:

  1. Right-click the LingvoGrammar icon ABBYY Lingvo lingvogrammaricon LingvoGrammar on the bookshelf.
  2. In the menu that appears, choose Enable Only This Dictionary.
ABBYY Lingvo lamp LingvoGrammarYou can view the inflected forms of any word.

ABBYY Lingvo beaverdictdown LingvoGrammar