What are phrasebooks?

A phrasebook is a compact dictionary containing the most frequently used phrases instead of words.
Phrasebook icon on the bookshelf: ABBYY Lingvo phrasebookicon Phrasebooks.

Why is a phrasebook necessary?

A phrasebook will help you prepare for a trip to another country if you are only beginning to study a foreign language.

How to use a phrasebook

Enter _РАЗГОВОРНИК in the search field and click Enter. A list of phrasebook sections will be displayed.
ABBYY Lingvo dictphrasebooks main Phrasebooks
Each section contains phrases corresponding to a certain topic. Click the necessary section to view the list of phrases.

Click a phrase to view its translation.
ABBYY Lingvo dictphrasebooks section Phrasebooks

Advice. You can use a phrasebook like an ordinary ABBYY Lingvo dictionary, that is, view the alphabetic list of entries. For convenience, you can disable all dictionaries except the phrasebook on your bookshelf:

  1. Right-click the phrasebook icon ABBYY Lingvo phrasebookicon Phrasebooks on the bookshelf.
  2. In the menu choose Enable Only This Dictionary.

What phrasebooks are included in ABBYY Lingvo x3?

ABBYY Lingvo x3 contains the following phrasebooks:

  • Russian-English phrasebook (Ru-En).
  • Russian-German phrasebook (Ru-De).
  • Russian-French phrasebook (Ru-Fr).
  • Russian-Italian phrasebook (Ru-It).
  • Russian-Spanish phrasebook (Ru-Es).
  • Russian-Chinese phrasebook (Ru-Ch).

Note. Your version of ABBYY Lingvo x3 may not contain all of the above listed phrasebooks. Detailed information about the phrasebooks included in your version of ABBYY Lingvo x3 is available at

Each phrasebook contains 930 of the most frequently used phrases and their translation.

All phrasebooks come fully complete with pronunciations by voiceover professionals who are native speakers.
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