Card Statuses

A card may have one the four statuses:

ABBYY Lingvo tu edite Card StatusesCards which have not yet been provided with translations have the Edit status.

ABBYY Lingvo tu still learning Card Statuses Cards that can be used in exercises have the To learn status.

ABBYY Lingvo tu learnt Card StatusesCards that have been displayed in an exercise and to which the user has given the specified number of correct answers have the Learnt status.

ABBYY Lingvo tu posponded Card Statuses Cards that have been postponed have the Postponed status.

The status of a card changes automatically during exercises, but can also be changed manually by the user.


  • The Edit status can only be changed automatically by adding a translation to the card.
  • The Postponed status can only be given to a card by the user.

Automatic change of status

ABBYY Lingvo Tutor automatically changes the status of a card during an exercise:

  • When you add a translation to a card with the Edit status, its status automatically changes to To learn.
  • Once you have provided the specified number of correct translations during an exercise, the status of the card automatically changes to Learnt.

Manual change of status

You can change the status of a card manually:

  1. Select the card whose status you wish to change.
  2. Do one of the following:
    • Double-click the name of the card in the list.
    • Select the Edit Card…command on the Dictionary menu.
    • Click ABBYY Lingvo tu card edit Card Statuses on the toolbar.
  3. In the Dictionary Card dialog box that opens, select the required status from the Card status drop-down list.
ABBYY Lingvo beavertutordown Card Statuses

Card Statuses