Hot Keys

Actions menu

Start Exercise… Start an exercise so that you can learn the words from the selected Tutor dictionary. CTRL+S
Print… Prints out the words selected in the word list. CTRL+P
Create Card… Opens the Dictionary Card dialog box, where you can create a new card. CTRL+N
Edit Card… Opens the Dictionary Card dialog box, where you can edit the selected card. CTRL+E
Delete Card Deletes the selected card from the Tutor dictionary. CTRL+D

Edit menu

Cut Cuts the selected text from the entry field and places it into the Clipboard. CTRL+X
Copy Copies the text selected in the entry field to the Clipboard. CTRL+C; CTRL+INSERT
Paste Pastes the text stored in the Clipboard into the entry field. CTRL+V; SHIFT+INSERT

Tools menu

Translate in ABBYY Lingvo… Translates the word or phrase typed in the entry field by means of ABBYY Lingvo x3. CTRL+L
Dictionaries… Opens the Dictionaries dialog box, where you can select a new Tutor dictionary, create a new dictionary, or delete a dictionary.  CTRL+G
Options… Opens the Options dialog box. CTRL+O

Help menu

Help Opens ABBYY Lingvo Tutor Help, which contains a detailed description of the program and its features and step-by-step instructions. Use the contents to browse Help or click the Search tab and type in the key words. F1
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Hot Keys