Auto search

What is auto search?

If your search has not returned a specific dictionary entry, the application will start an auto search in the text of entries. You will get a list of all entries where this word or phrase occurs.

How does the auto search differ from a search in dictionaries?

  1. You launch a search in dictionaries manually by clicking a button or link in the entry window
  2. Unlike the search in dictionaries, the auto search does not include the comments area.
  3. You cannot change auto search settings.
    You can modify dictionary search settings.

Auto search settings

  • find only entries containing all words in the search field;
  • find words in all forms;
  • take word sequence into account;
  • words in the shearch field should not be separated by other words.

Note. Auto search settings cannot be modified.

Enabling or disabling auto search

Auto search can be enabled or disabled on the Find tab of the Options window (Tools→Options…→Find).

What dictionaries are included in the search?

Dictionaries of the forward and reverse translation directions are included in the search.
More: what dictionaries are included in the search

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