Inflected forms

“5 aircraft” or “5 aircrafts”?

To use a word correctly, you can look up its grammatical forms (declination, conjugations, etc.). Those just beginning to study a foreign language will find this functionality especially useful.

Looking up inflected forms

Enter the word in the search field and click ABBYY Lingvo button inflected forms Inflected forms.
The Inflected Forms window will appear:
ABBYY Lingvo dialog inflected forms Inflected forms

Note. To view inflected forms of any word in the entry window, right-click the word and select Show Inflected Forms in the dropdown menu.

Printing out the inflection table

  1. Right-click inside the Inflected Forms window.
  2. In the menu that opens select Print.
ABBYY Lingvo lamp Inflected formsTo see the inflected forms of a word, type the words into the search field and press Ctrl+W. You can also use the Ctrl+W combination in the entry window.
All ABBYY Lingvo x3 shortcut keys
ABBYY Lingvo lamp Inflected formsYou can use a virtual keyboard to enter characters not available on your conventional keyboard.
To enable the virtual keyboard, click the ABBYY Lingvo button vk Inflected forms button in the ABBYY Lingvo main window.

ABBYY Lingvo beavertransldown Inflected forms

Inflected forms