Quick lookup

You can get a translation of your word or phrase on the go without taking your eyes off the text document or website.

Full view (an entry window will open)

To get a word or phrase translated, highlight it and press Ctrl+C+C or Ctrl+Ins+Ins.

To get a word translated, click it while holding the chosen shortcut key or click the word with the scroll wheel of your mouse.
Choosing the lookup method

A relevant entry window will open as a result:
ABBYY Lingvo translationfromtext open card Quick lookup

Note. The fragment length should not exceed 32 words.

Brief view (a popup window will appear)

To get a brief view, you only need to place the pointer over any word on the screen while holding the chosen shortcut key, or simply place the pointer over a word.
Choosing the lookup method

A popup translation window will appear:
ABBYY Lingvo translationfromtext baloon Quick lookup
The pop-up window shows the translation from only the first local dictionary on the bookshelf. If there is no matching entry in the first dictionary, the next local dictionary will be used, and so on.
Putting a dictionary in the first place

Advice. Click the headword link in the popup window to open the entry window of this word.
ABBYY Lingvo translationfromtext click heading Quick lookup

Advice. You can close the yellow area of the popup window. To do so, click the cross: ABBYY Lingvo translationfromtext click close Quick lookup

What languages and dictionaries are used in quick lookup?

The chosen language pair is used by default. You can translate both ways, meaning that the word can come from either of the two languages.
For quick lookup the application uses:

— Dictionaries on the bookshelf chosen for the forward translation direction. You can see these dictionaries on top of the word list.

— Dictionaries on the bookshelf chosen for the reverse translation direction. To display them on the bookshelf, reverse the translation direction by pressing Ctrl+I.

Note. If a dictionary is disabled or inaccessible, it is not included in the translation search.

If you work with a text with words from a number of foreign languages, configure quick lookup:

  1. Choose Tools→Options…→Quick lookup.
  2. Check the option all languages.

Now ABBYY Lingvo will automatically determine the language of the word or phrase you want to look up.

ABBYY Lingvo lamp Quick lookup You can choose the quick lookup method using the ABBYY Lingvo tray icon:
  1. Right-click the tray icon.
  2. Use the menu that opens.

ABBYY Lingvo translationfromtext using icon to setup Quick lookup

ABBYY Lingvo lamp Quick lookup You can view the words you have been translating in entry history.
ABBYY Lingvo question Quick lookup Pressing Ctrl+C+C or Ctrl+Ins+Ins brings up the Office clipboard

ABBYY Lingvo beavertransldown Quick lookup

Quick lookup