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What is the search in dictionaries?

The search in dictionaries allows finding words or phrases in the entire text of dictionary entries. It produces a list of all entries where this word or phrase occurs. The search includes all entry zones: headwords, translations, usage examples, and comments.

Using the search in dictionaries

  1. Enter the word in the search field and click Full-Text Search in the main window or press Ctrl+F.
    ABBYY Lingvo search main window Search in dictionaries

    You can also click the Find in ABBYY Lingvo link in the entry window.
    ABBYY Lingvo search card Search in dictionaries

  2. In the Search Results window that opens, click the needed link.
    ABBYY Lingvo search results Search in dictionaries
  3. To view the results found in a specific entry zone, use the links at the top of the Search Results window.

What dictionaries are included in the search?

The search includes local dictionaries for the forward and reverse translation directions.

Have you not found what you have been looking for or are there too many search results?

Configure the search in dictionaries

ABBYY Lingvo lamp Search in dictionariesTo run the search in online dictionaries, click Find in Online Dictionaries at the bottom of the Search Results window.
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Search in dictionaries