Word list

Scrolling through the dictionary is convenient

When you enter a word, the list scrolls to show matching words or phrases:
ABBYY Lingvo wordlist selected word Word list

You only need to double-click the needed word to open its entry window.

Advice. You can scroll through the word list using Up and Down keys or the mouse scroll wheel.

If the word list does not contain the word or phrase you need

If the word list does not contain the word or phrase you need, enter it in the search field and click Translate or press Enter. ABBYY Lingvo will try to look up the translation in the text of dictionary entries.
Morå: auto search

What dictionary entries are shown in the word list?

The word list shows only words from local dictionaries. If a dictionary is disabled or inaccessible, its entries will not be shown in the list.

Advice. For the words from an online dictionary to be displayed in the word list, download the dictionary to install it locally.
More: downloading a dictionary

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Word list