Unable to look up translation in a specific dictionary
What to do, if a dictionary is not utilized in translation and search
Why the dictionary icon is gray
Why a dictionary can be inaccessible and what should be done
Why is dictionary indexing necessary?
What to do, if you see a Rebuilding index window
Cannot hear word pronunciation
What to do, if word pronunciation cannot be activated
Chinese hieroglyphs are not displayed
What to do, if you see squares or blanks instead of hieroglyphs
Pop-up translation does not appear
What to do, if translation doesn’t pop-up at mouse cursor hovering.
Internet connection error messages
What to do if you get a fault message while working with online dictionaries
Microsoft® Office Clipboard appears by pressing Ctrl+C+C or Ctrl+Ins+Ins
What to do for the Microsoft® Office Clipboard does not appear automatically
ABBYY Lingvo beavertrdown Troubleshooting