About ABBYY Lingvo

History of development

Lingvo electronic dictionary has been developed by the Russian company ABBYY, a world leader in applied linguistics, document recognition, and data capture software.

In 1989, David Yang, then in his fourth year at MIPT, and programmer Alexander Moskaliov started work on a computer application capable of translating words and word combinations from English to Russian — an electronic dictionary. The idea of a user interface in the form of entry windows was years ahead of its time. The dictionary name, Lingvo, means “language” in Esperanto. Eighteen years later ABBYY Lingvo is an indispensable translation tool used by over 5 million people in their work and studies.

ABBYY Lingvo today

ABBYY Lingvo x3 is a dictionary software combining a large number of comprehensive, reliable and up-to-date dictionaries. It offers the shortest way to an exact translation of any word.

The application makes a special focus on foreign language study with its detailed dictionary entry windows containing all possible translations, usage examples, transcriptions, stressed syllables, and grammatical forms of words. Lingvo Tutor, a special program within ABBYY Lingvo, helps to study new words effectively. It provides fast and accurate translation of words and phrases from any application.

Why choose ABBYY Lingvo x3

  • The comprehensive, trustworthy and up-to-date vocabulary
  • Detailed translations with usage examples, synonyms, and transcriptions
  • World-famous explanatory dictionaries of the English language: Oxford Dictionary of English, New Oxford American Dictionary, Collins Cobuild Advanced Learner’s English Dictionary
  • Lingvo Tutor application for foreign language study
    More: learning words
  • Pronunciations of words recorded by native speakers
    More: recorded pronunciations
  • Phrasebooks with recorded pronunciations
    More: phrasebooks
  • Pop-up translations appearing when you place the pointer over a word while reading texts, websites, or ICQ messages
    More: quick lookup of any text word
  • Grammar information
    More: LingvoGrammar

ABBYY Lingvo versions

The ABBYY Lingvo product line includes versions with different sets of languages and dictionaries for both advanced users of foreign languages and beginners.
Detailed information on Lingvo versions is available at www.Lingvo.com.


http://www.Lingvo.com/ — official website of ABBYY Lingvo.
http://www.ABBYY.com/ — corporate site of ABBYY.
http://forum.Lingvo.ru/ — forums discussing ABBYY Lingvo dictionaries and translations in different languages. ABBYY Lingvo beaverappendixdown About ABBYY Lingvo

About ABBYY Lingvo