Activation means getting the permanent or trial licence on the dictionary or dictionary group. After activation you can use the dictionary for an unlimited period (with permanent licence) or for the limited time (with trial licence)



Bookshelf is located in the ABBYY Lingvo main window above the word list. Only dictionaries, which icons are displayed in the bookshelf are used. You can choose another bookshelf for work in the drop-down list.
ABBYY Lingvo shelf Glossary
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Comments zone

Comments zone is a part of the entry, containing comments (more precise definitions, explanation, etc.).
ABBYY Lingvo glossary comments Glossary


Conversion is changing the format of user dictionaries created in the earlier versions of ABBYY Lingvo so that they can be used in ABBYY Lingvo x3.


Dictionary search

Dictionary search is a search of the word or phrase in all entries texts. As a result, you’ll get the list of all entries this word or phrase comes across.
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Disabled dictionary

Disabled dictionary is a dictionary, which you disabled for temporarily not getting results from it. The icon of the disabled dictionary is displayed on the bookshelf but looks “unpressed”.
ABBYY Lingvo glossary disabled dictionary Glossary
To enable a dictionary, click on its icon.


Entry window

Entry window is a window that displays entries which correspond to the word or a phrase typed in the search field
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Explanatory dictionary

Explanatory dictionary is a dictionary, in which the source and target language is the same. For example, Russian to Russian dictionary. It can be an explanatory dictionary, onomastic dictionary, conceptual dictionary, abbreviation dictionary, compatibility dictionary, thesaurus, a dictionary of synonyms, antonyms, homonyms, toponyms, etc.


Inaccessible dictionary

Inaccessible dictionary is a dictionary you do not have access to and which cannot be used. For example, online dictionary can be inaccessible because of Internet connection unavailability.

The icon of inaccessible dictionary on the bookshelf has gray color:
ABBYY Lingvo glossary unavailable dictionary Glossary
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Index is a set of files containing all the necessary information for searching in the dictionaries. ABBYY Lingvo x3 automatically creates and updates indices.
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Indexing is a process of creating indices for dictionaries. After indexing a dictionary can be used in search.
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Invariable parts of speech

Invariable parts of speech have only one form. For example, adverbs.
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Labels are various comments inside the entry usually marked with green color. Labels show the word usage, part of speech, etc. As a rule, labels have hints. Drag your mouse pointer over a label, a hint will appear.
ABBYY Lingvo glossary label Glossary

Locally installed dictionary

Locally installed dictionary is a dictionary, which file is located on your PC or a computer accessible via local net. As opposed to online dictionary, locally installed dictionary is accessible regardless of Internet connection availability.
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Online dictionary

Online dictionary is a dictionary that is located on the ABBYY Company server. As opposed to locally installed dictionary, the access to online dictionary is provided via Internet.
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Pinned entry window

Pinned entry window is an entry window with ABBYY Lingvo unpin card Glossary icon in the upper part. Such entry windows do not close automatically at new entry windows opening and can only be closed manually. To unpin the entry window, click on ABBYY Lingvo unpin card Glossary icon.

Advice. To quickly close all entry windows and dialog boxes, select in the main menu Tools→Close All Windows or press the button in the ABBYY Lingvo main window.


Serial number

Serial number is a unique number you get while buying a dictionary (set of dictionaries). Serial number is necessary to activate a dictionary.

Search field

Search field is a field, in which a word or phrase for translation or search is entered. Search field is located below the word list in the main ABBYY Lingvo window:
ABBYY Lingvo entry line Glossary

Source language

Source language is a language from which the translation originates.

Sub-entry window

Sub-entry window is an entry window, which opens by clicking the link in the main entry window. Usually a sub-entry window provides a translation or explanation of the most common expressions and phrases with the title word of the entry window.

System dictionary

System dictionary is a dictionary created in the ABBYY company.
System dictionaries are divided into locally installed and online dictionaries. The file of locally installed dictionary has .lsd or .ldp extension and is located on the computer of the user. To get an access to the online dictionary, the file with the .lod extension is used (online dictionary descriptive file).


Target language

Target language the language into which the text is translated.


Thesaurus monolingual (usually explanatory) dictionary of some language.

Translation direction

Translation direction is specified by two languages: Source language (language, from which the translation originates) and target language (the language into which the text is translated).


Unpinned entry window

Unpinned entry window is an entry window with ABBYY Lingvo pin card Glossary icon in the upper part. Unpinned windows are automatically closed at new entry windows opening. By default, all entry windows are unpinned. To make an entry window stay open at new entry windows opening, pin it by clicking on ABBYY Lingvo pin card Glossary icon.

Note. Unpinned entry window stays open when translating a word from it or when opening a new entry window by clicking a link in it (i.e. at sub-card opening).

User dictionary

User dictionary is a dictionary created by you or other ABBYY Lingvo users. The file of user dictionary has .lud or .lsd. extension.
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Word list

Word list is a list of entries contained in the dictionaries.
ABBYY Lingvo glossary wordlist Glossary
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