Internet connection error messages

When ABBYY Lingvo encounters an error while connecting to the Internet, it shows the relevant error message.
Below are recommendations for each message.

No Internet connection

The message appears when your PC has no Internet connection.
Establish an Internet connection and retry.

Cannot connect to ABBYY Lingvo server

This message normally appears when the Internet connection is unstable.
Check your Internet connection and retry.

ABBYY Lingvo server connection timeout

The server may be currently overloaded with requests or there is no Internet connection.
Retry after some time.

ABBYY Lingvo server error

Retry after some time.

You may be using an unlicensed ABBYY Lingvo version

To find out whether your application version is licensed, contact the support service.

ABBYY Lingvo lamp Internet connection error messagesTo always have access to the required online dictionary, download it and the dictionary will become local.
More: downloading a dictionary
ABBYY Lingvo lamp Internet connection error messagesBy default ABBYY Lingvo automatically retrieves entries from online dictionaries each time you translate a word or phrase. You can disable automatic requests to online dictionaries:
  1. Click Tools→Options…→Online Translation.
  2. Check the option only when I click a link.

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Internet connection error messages