Why is dictionary indexing necessary?

What is dictionary rebuilding (indexing)?

To run a full-text dictionary search, the application needs an index of dictionaries. After adding a new dictionary, the application has to rebuild the index (add the necessary information about the new dictionary to the index) in order to include this dictionary in the search.

What to do when you see the Rebuilding index window

The Rebuilding index window may appear on the screen when you start a search, if you previously added a new dictionary or several dictionaries.
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Wait for the indexing to complete (if you have added a large dictionary, the indexing may take several minutes). If you click Cancel, the application will exclude this dictionary from the search. The index rebuild will launch again next time you do a search.

Note. ABBYY Lingvo x3 has three independent indexes: index of system dictionaries, index of user lsd dictionaries, and index of user lud dictionaries.
This saves the trouble of rebuilding the index of system dictionaries whenever you add a user dictionary, meaning that the indexing takes much less time.
Once you update a user lud dictionary, its indexing will not take much time since the rebuild will only affect the index of lud dictionaries, while the indexes of lsd and system dictionaries will remain unchanged.
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Why is dictionary indexing necessary?